Help your wood floors, wood furniture and other wood details last a lifetime with repair and restoration work done by the experts.

From small nicks to chipped corners to deep gouges, blemished wood can be an eyesore. But damage doesn’t mean you need to opt for a costly furniture replacement. Whether it’s a small, precision repair or a complete restoration, you can rely on Furniture Medic technicians to get your pieces back to like-new condition.

Types of Wood Restoration & Repairs Offered by Furniture Medic

When it comes to repairing damaged wood, even the smallest fixes can make a dramatic difference. Furniture Medic technicians are experts at restoring wooden furniture and cabinetry, wood floors, millwork and more.

  • Woodwork & Fabrication: When wood pieces are missing or broken (like legs, joints, molding, etc.), our technicians will fabricate replacement parts.
  • Custom Wood Stain: Rely on our trained technicians to create custom color-matched stains that blend perfectly.
  • Retouching & Expert Color Matching: Custom wood-finish retouching and color-matching can bring your wood furniture, flooring and more back to like-new condition.
  • Strip & Refinish: When wood furniture, cabinets, flooring or millwork needs a surface overhaul, opt for stripping the surface and refinishing it for a fresh look.
  • Scratch & Dent Repairs: Normal wear and tear can easily show on your wood surfaces. Fix common scratches and dents in wood surfaces with our precision repair touch-up service.
  • Water Rings & Stains: Remove cloudy water stains from wood surfaces and restore the color and finish.
  • Doors, Wall Panels & Millwork: Repair and restore wood doors and decorative wooden wall panels with precision touch-ups and refinishing services.
  • Full-Service Wood Repair: When the damage is more than a nick or a scrape, rely on Furniture Medic for complete wood repair services.
  • Commercial Wood Enhancement: Buffing, polishing, color restoration and more will get your high-traffic spaces customer-ready.

Overview of Wood Repair Process

Often, wood repair and refinishing can be done on-site, whether at your home or office. While each job begins with a thorough cleaning, wood repairs and restorations are unique depending on the type of piece and damage suffered. Generally, though, you can expect the following process:

  1. Evaluation: The wooden piece is closely inspected for surface-level damage as well as any structural considerations.
  2. Prep: Clean thoroughly.
  3. Repair: Based on damage, it’s time for small precision repairs or larger structural repairs.
  4. Refinish: Once the piece is sound, the final finishing can happen. This includes custom-match stain, paint, sealers and topcoats.

Find a Wood Repair & Restoration Expert Near You

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