Does Your Office Have Damaged Millwork? It’s Time for a Pro Repair.

When it comes to commercial millwork repair, call in the experts to keep your space looking professional and customer-ready.

From door jambs to decorative paneling, your office woodwork makes a statement for employees and customers alike. Don’t let normal wear and tear, chips and nicks, or sticking doors get in the way of your customers’ experience. 

By regularly repairing and restoring damaged millwork, you can help stop little issues from becoming big problems. 

What is Millwork?

Like the name implies, millwork is any woodwork traditionally made in a mill. Trim and moldings are included, as well as doors, decorative paneling, wainscoting, mantels, elevator cabs, chair rails, banisters and railings.

Often, these wooden details protect more delicate materials like plaster or sheetrock, or are used for decorative purposes. But for pieces like baseboards, chair rails and railings — which act as first-line defense — normal wear and tear can wreak havoc on their finish. From scuffs left behind by vacuums to dents left from chairs, these flaws and scrapes can easily draw attention away from where you want your customers’ and employees’ focus.

How is Commercial Millwork Repaired?

When you partner with Furniture Medic, your office millwork is repaired onsite. Often, we can work with your schedule to find a time that will minimize the impact on your customers and staff. 

For small nicks and other precision wood repairs, we can color-match, touch-up and refinish or even repair structural issues if needed. Especially around corners, we can bring back the crisp angles and keep your walls looking sharp. 

When it comes to regular repair and maintenance for your millwork, you can rely on your local, trusted Furniture Medic technician to be prompt, knowledgeable and straightforward with cost and time estimates. 

Find a Millwork Repair Expert Near You

Trust the skilled technicians at your local Furniture Medic to repair and restore your commercial millwork to pristine condition. When you’re ready, reach out to your local Furniture Medic technician to talk about how we can become a partner in your property upkeep. You can also learn more about our Managed Care Program for ongoing maintenance.

If you manage multiple locations, you can also find out more about our corporate account services for a single point of contact, unified billing and standardized pricing.