Post-Disaster Furniture Restoration: The Process

Save your furniture with an expert repair instead of opting for a full replacement (and save on the costs that go with it).

You’ve experienced a disaster at your home or business — the last thing you need is another headache and more heartache. At Furniture Medic, we help you every step of the way to get damaged furniture repaired and back to the way it was.

Disaster-Damaged Furniture: What’s Worth Saving?

Whether you’ve experienced flooding, fire or vandalism, our disaster restoration experts can help you determine if your damaged furniture can be repaired. The best candidates for repair? Furniture made from solid wood, quality veneered pieces, or items made of non-porous surfaces.

Once you’ve made sure the impacted area is safe to reenter, be on the lookout for these common types of furniture damage:

  • “White cloud” effects on wood, which may happen when water gets trapped under the wood finish
  • Separation of finish from wood
  • Separation or swelling of laminated wood from backing
  • Water lines left on wood surfaces
  • Dents, chips, scratches, nicks or gouges
  • Joint separation
  • Charred surface or discoloration caused by fire or smoke
  • Minor upholstery damage

Unfortunately, disaster-damaged furniture can take on many forms. So if you have any questions if a piece of furniture can be saved — including one-of-a-kind antiques and sentimental family heirlooms — we can help assess and evaluate your options.

Types of Furniture Restoration Work

Often, damaged furniture can be repaired in-place, including damage to cabinetry. From small blemishes to structural instability, experienced Furniture Medic technicians have the knowledge, skills and tools to revive your furniture and cabinetry safely and beautifully. Furniture restorations and repairs for pieces damaged by water, fire or vandalism always begin with a thorough cleaning. Then the next step may include:

  • Precision repairs
  • Color blending, refinishing, painting or polishing
  • Stabilization and structural repairs to furniture or cabinets
  • Cabinet refacing or restoration

Furniture Medic Works With Insurance Companies

If you have insurance for your home or business, we can help streamline the furniture claims process. As a trusted, preferred company for many insurance companies, we understand the documentation required to file a claim efficiently and effectively. We provide the following:

  • Detailed inspection (also known as claim validation services)
  • Accurate estimate for work required to bring damaged furniture back to pre-loss condition
  • Photos of damaged furniture
  • Workmanship warranty

Our goal: Restore your damaged furniture to the way it was before fire, water or vandalism occurred. And we’ll work with you and your insurance company to make it happen as seamlessly as possible.

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