Flood Damage Restoration: What Furniture can be Restored?

Water damage doesn’t have to mean a total loss for impacted furniture. Find out if your pieces can be repaired.

Flood-damaged furniture doesn’t necessarily mean a total replacement is at hand. Protect your furniture, and your pocketbook, by restoring and repairing furniture damaged by flooding with services from the disaster-restoration experts at Furniture Medic.

You’ve Experienced Water Damage in Your Home or Business. Now What?

When it’s safe to reenter your room or property, it’s best to start with some photos before any cleanup from flood damage begins. If you can snap some pictures of the initial damage, this may help with filing water-damage insurance claims down the road.

For wet furniture, flooring or cabinets, step one is to contact a professional to evaluate the damage and perform drying and restoration. Wet furniture needs to dry out slowly. Saturated wood expands with water, and then shrinks as it dries. If drying happens too quickly, the wood can warp and become too damaged to restore successfully.

Tip: Use protective gloves to move the piece of furniture out of the impacted area. Remove any drawers and open any doors. Find a spot out of direct sunlight with air circulation if possible, like a dry garage. Box fans can help with air flow, too.

Signs of Water-Damaged Furniture

Floodwater can saturate furniture and cause damage, but damp conditions can also wreak havoc. Particularly vulnerable furniture includes solid panels or tops, and antiques with veneer or inlay. Be on the lookout for:

  • Changes in structure, like loose joints, failed glue, cracks or warped wood.
  • Changes in appearance, like cloudy spots, bubbles under the surface or new stains.
  • Mold, which can be white to brown in color, and often appears in blooms.

Types of Flood-Damaged Furniture Restoration and Repairs

Furniture made of non-porous materials, solid wood or quality veneer, along with antiques and heirlooms, are worth considering for restoration and repair. After a thorough cleaning from Furniture Medic technicians, common flood-damaged furniture restoration work includes:

  • Watermark removal
  • Precision repairs
  • Structural furniture and cabinet repair
  • Furniture stabilization
  • Furniture refinishing and polishing
  • Cabinet refacing, restoration and refinishing
  • Expert wood color blending
  • Minor leather and upholstery repairs

Often, repairs can be made on-site and based on your schedule.

Important Considerations for Furniture Damaged by Flooding

The type of water that damaged your furniture will also be an important consideration in restoration versus loss. White water, or water that usually comes from supply pipes in your home or business, is generally water you can drink. Gray water likely has some chemicals and other biological particles in it, and can come from a dishwasher or washing machine. Black water — usually from sewage pipes or floodwaters — is highly contaminated. Depending on the circumstance, different precautions may need to be taken to safely restore your furniture.

Find a Flood-Damage Disaster Restoration Expert Near You

To talk with a Furniture Medic technician about your flood-damaged furniture, call 1-800-RESPOND. Or, find a certified location near you.