7 Tips for Protecting Your Furniture from Severe Weather

While you can’t predict when severe weather will strike, you can plan and prepare ahead of time. 

Whether you’re new to home ownership or want to protect your furniture investment, add these seven things to your to do list for severe weather protection. Doing them now will save you a lot of time, energy and money down the road. 

If you’ve already suffered a severe weather disaster, contact us.

3 To Dos for Outdoor Furniture Protection

Often, outdoor furniture is peak relaxation — or at least key to laid-back activities. Your outdoor spaces may be used for fuss-free gatherings, relaxation by the pool, neighborhood grill-outs or all of the yard games. To keep your furniture comfortable for years to come, consider tackling these three things now. You’ll thank yourself later, especially if bad storms pop up.

  1. Fabric protectors & wood sealants. Consider easy-to-use waterproofing fabric spray and UV-protecting fabric spray to shield outdoor cushions, pillows, curtains and more. For wooden furniture, hand-rubbed drying oils like linseed oil or tung oil provide a protective finish. To seal the wood, you can also use quicker drying polyurethane, lacquer or varnish.
  2. Invest in quality covers. When not in use, it’s best to use water-repelling covers made from durable, heavy-duty fabrics like polyester, vinyl or canvas. Depending on the furniture manufacturer, tailored covers could be available. Otherwise, opt for universal covers. These can be used for different styles and types of furniture, as long as they meet the stated dimensions. Pro tip: Only put covers on completely dry furniture. Otherwise, you’ll be inviting mold and mildew.
  3. Secure furniture safely. While it’s best to store outdoor furniture in the off-season, sometimes you don’t have the space or time to bring in those pieces. Remove and cover umbrellas — which tend to get knocked over in high winds — and consider grouping chairs, tables, lounges and more near a wall or sturdy fence for further support. Tie downs, buckles and bungee cords can also help to keep items together.

4 Considerations for Indoor Furniture

To keep your indoor spaces comfy, cozy and inviting all year round, add these four furniture-saving tasks to your regular home maintenance routine. Doing a little bit consistently is a lot easier than doing a lot at once, especially after severe weather wreaks havoc. 

  1. Prevent burst pipes. Unfortunately, burst pipes can happen both indoors and outdoors. When the temperature starts to drop, shut off the water valve to outdoor spigots. Indoors, cover exposed water pipes with foam insulation trimmed down to size. For under-sink water pipes, consider opening up the cabinet doors when it gets below freezing to let warmer air in. And when it gets really cold, let at least one sink drip to keep water flowing through the pipes.
  2. Maintain trees outside. How does this protect your furniture? Well, during gusty storms dead tree limbs are more likely to fall. And if they land on your roof and cause damage, what’s happening outside will soon be inside.
  3. Protect your fabric. Comfy couches and chairs can have an even longer lifetime if their fabrics get an extra layer of protection. Use an upholstery-protecting spray as an invisible couch protector and see stains and would-be water damage simply wipe away.
  4. Consider furniture placement. For especially cherished pieces, like one-of-a-kind antiques or family heirlooms, reconsider placement near high-risk areas. So, water-prone or damp basements, leaky attic spaces and even screened porches should be avoided if possible.

Disaster Restoration & Insurance Claims Considerations

Fire, water and smoke damage from severe weather — even if confined to a small area — can upend your life in an instant. But damaged items may not be a complete loss. Furniture Medic’s disaster restoration services can often repair and renew your damaged furniture and cabinetry to pre-loss condition with a much lower price tag than opting for a full replacement.

By choosing Furniture Medic to help get you back into your home, you’re getting a reliable, knowledgeable partner that will complete work safely and effectively. And as a preferred vendor for insurance companies nationwide, our technicians understand the ins and outs of claims documentation, estimation and follow-up.

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